From ARA Alcudia you have access to the most stunning beaches in Mallorca like Formentor, Coll Baix or Cala Figuera among others. Enjoy the clear seas and the sun just a few minutes away. If you prefer to enjoy our Beaches and Calas in an original way you can do it by boat. We will be happy to help you find the option that best suits you.


Declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, the northern Mountains of Mallorca are a stunning place where nature, culture, and tradition are combined in perfect harmony.

Its beautiful towns and unparalleled mountain trails make you feel the hundreds of years of heritage. Discover a different Mallorca and be seduced by its unique landscapes.


Alcudia is located in the north of the island, a perfect spot for a wide range of activities. The easy access to both beach and mountains allow for the practice of water sports like Kayak, Paddle surf, or Diving as well as all kinds of land sports like Golf, Cycling, or Hiking.
At ARA we can provide you with everything you need to enjoy your stay in the most fulfilling way.


Mallorca’s Identity is tied to its history and traditions. thanks to its location it has always been a place where cultures and peoples mix. the different influences from all across the Mediterranean sea have enriched its gastronomy, architecture, and folklore. The island inhabitants have always shown great love for this heritage and have kept it alive to this day.


Despite being a small island Mallorca offers a great number of wonderful National Parks. The beauty of its landscapes, its unique ecosystems, its fauna, and flora, are the reasons nature lovers cannot miss its protected areas.

Likewise, Mallorca also offers many other fascinating corners, such as Coves del Drach, Coves de Campanet or the amazing Fonts Ufanes.